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MOROCCO (Ladies)

Price $2950 11 Days
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MOROCCO (Ladies)

$2950 per person

Watch our Morocco vlogs to learn about what you might expect from this trip

This trip will connect you to the heart and soul of the Moroccan culture through its people. Explore the fine art of tagine cooking and preparing and serving mint tea. This is not a trip that moves from tourist destination to tourist destination, and it is not an RV trip (sorry, maybe another time). Learn about life in an Amazigh village of 20 families tucked away in the high Atlas Mountains. Marvel at the intricacies of stunning architecture, and expand your knowledge of Islam. Hike and squeeze your way through the tiny cracks of the Dadès Gorges, and laugh at spitting camels—all while engaging deeply with the locals who share their history and all its details with great passion.

If you want to explore a land considered mysterious, make new friends, and push yourself out of your comfort zone, this is for you. If you care about connecting deeply with a new culture and its people in a way you cannot do on a traditional vacation, this is for you. If you approach the world with a glass half-full attitude, this is for you.

Does this sound dreamy? The experience is all that, and more.

Get greater detail about our trips and who they are ideally for here. The FAQ also answers many of the questions you may have about vaccines, accommodations, insurance, etc. Both of these pages may be helpful to you before you register for this trip.

Each trip offers a volunteer afternoon, which is optional. During this time we engage with a local partner, give back to the community and connect deeper to the culture. Our past partner has been The Medina Children’s Library in Fez.

Price is based on double occupancy. Please click the accommodations tab for additional occupancy options and pricing.

*Morocco has made the “Top 5 experiences” list by all four WorldTowning family members.

11 Days
10+ Age
  • Destinations
  • Departure City
  • Departure Date
    October 30, 2021
  • Return Date
    November 10, 2021
  • Level of Difficulty
    Minimum age 10. Maximum age is 70. Unfortunately, Morocco is not wheelchair accessible or accessible to those facing physical challenges. Much of this trip will be focused on walking in the Medinas and short hikes in picture-perfect landscapes. This trip requires mobility and energy. If you struggle with physical activity, have accessibility needs or need special care, then this trip is not for you. We cannot guarantee access to alternative modes of transportation (cabs, buses, etc.), which means you will need to walk, even if you are struggling. As a general rule you should be able to walk up to 5 miles per day (not all at the same time), climb four flights of stairs (elevators are non-existent) and be able to drag or carry your belongings on wobbly streets. In several locations, porters will not be available to help us, which is another reason you'll need to be fit. Of course we wish this trip could accommodate everyone, but this is Morocco, and certain things are beyond our control. The average high temperature is 22°C (72°F) and the average low is 10°C (50°F).
  • Included
    Arrival Transportation
    Gift Basket
    Live Q & A
    National Park Fees
    Personal Guides
    Private FB Group
    Tips for Guides
    Welcome Party
    WorldTowning Swag
  • Not Included
    Arrival Day Meals
    Departure Day Meals
    Departure Transportation
    Equipment Rental
    Flights to Country
    Flights Within Country
    Juice, Soda, Smoothies
    Laundry, Phone Calls, Room Service
    Tipping at the Restrooms
    Trip Insurance
    Vegetarian Options
ARRIVAL (October 30th)

Make yourself comfortable in the hotel. We'll gather in the evening to commence our trip. Please note: If you would like to arrive earlier and explore on your own prior to the start date, that is fine. Our trip officially begins October 30th in the evening.We can't wait to meet all of you.

As a warm welcome, we would like to invite you to a meet n'greet for wine, mint tea and cookies the evening you arrive, on the rooftop terrace. If you will be arriving late, don't worry as we will do a more formal welcome at breakfast in the morning.In addition, we will hold a short workshop on the opening evening so you can learn about Moroccan life nowadays, traditions, celebrations, Islam, clothing ... and also language, from a local. This is a great way to familarize yourself with the culture before we get started.Get a good night's sleep because tomorrow we rock and roll!

MARRAKECH (October 31st)

This is the first official day of our voyage together. We will all meet at the opening breakfast on the terrace to discuss the day, address any questions, and meet those of you who got in late the night before and missed the meet n' greet.

Get to know Marrakech with the help of an English-speaking, licensed local guide. Learn about the iconic symbols of Marrakech, like the Koutoubia Mosque and Jemaa el-Fna square. Wander the streets of the medina, as your guide explains life today and life as it was in Marrakech in days gone by - with plenty of opportunities to take pictures of unique doorways or street life. The tour will also stop at Dar el Bacha, the recently opened home of the pasha (ruler) of Marrakech.

We will dine just off the Jemaa el-Fna square on authentic Moroccan food from the rooftop, pending weather. This hidden gem is known for its tasty home-cooked meals and friendly staff.

After a long day of travel everyone deserves a bit of pampering and there is nothing better than a Beldi hammam with black soap scrub. Your skin will feel softer than it ever has before and your body will be rejuvenated for another exciting day of adventure.

This is a walking food tour/dinner in the medina. Wear comfortable shoes as we will be walking for 4 hours. We will visit the meat shop, 2-3 hidden gems, the nibbles, the souk mama, the sweet tooth and a surprise. Bring your appetite. This magical tour will surely be a highlight of your time in Marrakech.
MARRAKECH (November 1st)

We will have breakfast at our hotel, on the rooftop terrace.

During breakfast we will have two ladies join us to decorate our hands with henna art. Henna is temporary body art resulting from the staining of the skin from dyes. It usually lasts from 1 to 3 weeks.

Moroccan art and handicraft is known all over the world for its intricate design and attention to detail. These crafts are passed down through apprenticeship and many are still made with traditional techniques. We’ll get a chance to see this first hand and even try creating something!

This magical oasis is located within a beautifully renovated 16th century building. Entering through an unassuming door, one comes into a lush garden dotted with tables and lights surrounded by the majestic building and the terraces above. The design is very much in the spirit of the 1960s and 70s heyday of Marrakech, a combination of Moroccan and European chic.

We fill the trip with exciting adventures, but if you are feeling a bit jet lagged or just need some time to recharge this would be a great opportunity to honor that desire. But, if you are dying to get out in the the souks and shop your heart out they await outside our front door. Finally, if it is history you desire we are a two minute walk from the famous Bahia Palace where you can take a self guided tour.

Jemaa el-Fna has long been a meeting point in Marrakech. It was once the central trading point for traders coming from the north and south. Food was one of the things everyone needed. Food stalls serving a wide variety of foods started to become standard, and remain a part of the night scene today. While the juice stalls are always up, it's not until around 4 pm that the rest of the food stalls roll in. Each night they are brought in, set up and then broken down again. You'll find a wide variety of Moroccan foods, from grilled meats to fried seafood, snails and tajines, all available depending on where you go. We will dine on seafood this evening.


We will have breakfast at our hotel, on the rooftop terrace.

2 hours.

After making the beautiful drive to Ljoukak Valley in the High Atlas Mountains, our hosts—a local Amazigh family—will treat us to a traditional second breakfast. But, first, we will all try our hand at making Berber bread in a wood-fired clay oven. We’ll then take an easy hike through the local village and learn about the farming practices in this village of 20 families. Next, we will visit the 12th century Tin Mal mosque (one of only two mosques open to non-Muslims in Morocco) and, then, proceed to a pottery studio. You will have the opportunity to see an artisan at work and purchase your first tagine to take home. If time permits we will visit a women's rug cooperative.Our tour guide for the day will be Said, the son of our host family. Said offers a wealth of knowledge and loves to answer questions about his country and people. We will learn about the different roles of family members, how Said helped his parents start this business and what he would like the future to look like in his community.We spent a weekend living with his family on our first trip to Morocco. They are welcoming and incredibly generous. Mama sent me away with a rug that she made by hand.The village and its people are very special to us, and we are certain you will fall in love with the community, just as we did.

Enjoy a home-cooked lunch with products that are all either grown, harvested, or prepared locally. The menu will depend on what's available and what the lady of the house decides to prepare! During our last trip, it was unanimous that the meat we ate here was the best of the entire trip!

We will dine on local cuisine upon our return to Marrakech.

DADÈS GORGE (November 3rd)

We will enjoy an early breakfast at our hotel.

7.5 hours.

We will travel to Dadès Gorge through majestic rust-red mountains and layers of zig zagging strata. Upon arrival, we will enjoy a lunch prepared by a local Amazigh family.We camped here during our RV visit and fell in love with this family. They have worked hard to keep the business running after their father passed. Each member is truly an inspiration and offers a lesson in how we can overcome so much more than we think. The mother and daughter of the family will prepare a lunch of the local speciality, Berber omelet, as well as offer couscous and tagine, while the son/cousin chats with us about life in the Dadès Gorge region.

The Dadès Gorges are a series of rugged gorges carved out by the Dadès River. We will hike a small portion of it, exploring deep crevices, tiny spaces and wide open views. If this does not interest you, the driver can deliver you to the hotel to rest and relax.

At our hotel.

MERZOUGA (November 4th)

We will have breakfast at our hotel. Also, this is WorldTowning Orange day! There will be more on this later. Just know, it will be fun!

4 hours.

We will stop for lunch along the way.

Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime activity when you take a sunset camel ride to the camp for 1.5 hours. Enjoy the beautiful reddish colors of twilight of Erg Chebbi. Walk in the footsteps of the Berber and live through a magical experience.

Upon arrival, you will have time to rest or take part in one of the activities:

- Sandboarding: Grab your board and take on the dunes, perfect for thrill-seekers.

- Wander or rest: Take time to walk freely through the dunes and collect your thoughts in this magical land.

- Read and/or journal on the relaxing poufs under the canopy.

At night, we will have dinner inside an ornate Berber tent, and, then, enjoy beautiful local drum music under clear skies, speckled with sparkling stars.

This will be an unforgettable surprise in the middle of the golden dunes of Erg Chebbi. The luxury tents are equipped with comfortable beds and indoor private bathrooms and showers, making a night in the Sahara desert a night of a lifetime.
MERZOUGA (November 5th)
We will start our day with breakfast in the tent.
7 hours.

We will have lunch along the way to Fez.

The Middle Atlas Mountains may make you feel like you’ve taken a step into a forest in Europe or North America. They are most known for their cedar trees and the native barbary macaque (ape) that call this area home. We’ll pass through here today and, we hope, see a macaque or two.

This will be our first deviation from the traditional Moroccan food. We will dine a la carte on pasta and pizza before landing into Fez.
FEZ (November 6th)

We will have breakfast at our hotel.

We will discover the medina of Fez, and a part of the Jewish quarter, to combine the history of the area. In the medina, we will visit sites like the Karouine mosque, the Attarine Museum, souks, a tannery, maybe even the pottery or zellige-making area and much more.

At this culturally rich and highly traditional restaurant, we will have the choice to dine on their exceptional couscous and vegetables or chicken with lemon, in addition to salads, fruits and pastries, all while enjoying the zellige decorations adorned with sculptured plaster, which will transport you centuries away to the era of 1001 Nights.

During this time, you can take a walk through the medina, shop, or rest and relax. Or you can join one of the activities below:- Brass Etching: This workshop will give you the opportunity to explore your etching skills, while learning the history of the brass-etching tradition from an artisan while making your own tea tray. Using a compass and ruler and stamps, you will craft your own brass tea tray and take it home with you.- Dance: After a short warm-up, we will explore the various dances from every area of Morocco with a local dancer. Once we have learned to dance together, our teacher will perform a dance for us. We will close out our time together with tea and pastries.


FEZ (November 7th)

We will enjoy breakfast at the hotel.

We will be choosing the menu of the day with the chef upon arrival. Then we will head to the market to get ingredients needed, as well as learn more about Moroccan culture. When we return to the cooking school, we will start preparing our meal with the guidance of the chef. Everyone will be involved in cooking. The menu includes a starter, main and dessert. All drinks are included. Once the meal is ready, we will sit and enjoy the fruit of our work. At the end, you will receive a small recipe booklet.

During this time, you can take a walk through the medina or rest and relax. Or you can join one of the activities:- Shopping: Enjoy a local shopping experience in the heart of the medina.- Bread-making: In Morocco, traditional bread is both sacred and the backbone of the cultureís cuisine. There is a dazzling array of baked goods to try, and this is your opportunity to learn to make two different types of bread and two different types of pastry. To do so, you will visit the local ferran (communal bread oven). You'll enjoy the fruits of your labor, along with Moroccan mint tea, fresh butter and homemade jam.- Volunteer: (maximum 5 individuals): You will have the opportunity to volunteer at the Medina Children's Library of Fez. The space is small, hence there is a limit to the number of volunteers that can be accommodated.

This will be our second deviation from traditional Moroccan food. We will venture into the land of amazing Thai. We will dine under the moonlight on soup, fried mix vegetables, green curry chicken or fish and dessert.

CHEFCHAOUEN (November 8th)

We will enjoy breakfast at our hotel. Early morning hikers will be provided a bagged lunch for the drive to their hike.

4 hours.

Considered the #1 restaurant in Chef, let's see what our trained palate decides after 10 days eating local.

Chefchaouan is one of Morocco’s most popular destinations, thanks to its striking blue colors. The city itself is small, allowing you to capture all its sights and sounds during your free time.Wander around the city, take photographs, or stop to sip mint tea in one of the many cafès. Alternatively, you can join us for a early morning hike in the hidden paradise of Akchour in the Rif Valley of Morocco, 35 km outside of Chefchaouen. There we will discover the majestic Cascade D' Akchour (waterfall).

This will be our third non-Moroccan meal. We will venture into this family-run Chinese restaurant for beef dumplings, fried rice, pan noodles, kung pow chicken and pretty much anything else Chinese you can think of.

MARRAKECH (November 9th)
We will enjoy breakfast at our hotel.

7.5 hour drive to Marrakech.

We will dine along the way back to Marrakech.

DEPARTURE (November 10th)
This the last day of the trip and the toughest. Saying goodbye to new friends is never easy, but we like to think of it as "until we meet again!" After our final breakfast, the trip will officially conclude. We will miss all of you terribly!



  • Gina Duncan

    December 20, 2019 at 2:54 pm

    I just returned from the trip of a lifetime with WorldTowning Voyages (WTV). From our introduction to Morocco welcome baskets to the carefully chosen local tour guides, accommodations, and meals; they were committed to making sure we had an incredible time. WTV interspersed culture, history, and adventure into their activities. Jessica, Will, Avalon, and Largo provided a unique and immersive experience for all ages. I look forward to traveling with them again!

  • Iris Trask

    December 24, 2019 at 2:57 pm

    WorldTowning’s preparation for the trip was right on point. We had such a great time. Enjoyed every minute with fun, lively group of people. Trying local food was wonderful, variety kept everything interesting. Loved the desert tents and camel riding. Shopping was so such an exciting adventure, I bought a large rug, colorful light, slippers, oils and more. Be sure to pack an extra bag for all the treasures you’ll want to bring back. I would absolutely recommend this trip for anyone who loves adventure.

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Click here to review the latest requirements for travel to Morocco during COVID-19. Click here to review how much of the country is vaccinated. WTV will require their guests to follow the local regulations pertaining to COVID-19 safety, which may include having a negative COVID test prior to arrival, wearing a mask and/or providing proof of vaccination.