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Will Sueiro

Will Sueiro

Host, Documentarian


Are you willing to sacrifice everything for the unknown? Will, Age 52

A travel junkie with a sense of detail. Will started in the travel business over thirty years ago when he began working in the cruise line industry. He later moved into a misguided path as he deviated into the world of Accounting and became a CPA. Although he has an affinity for working with growing businesses, he could not leave the travel world for good. Will eventually found his way back to travel as he and his lifelong partner, Jessica, embarked upon their journey of adventure and cultural awareness in 2014. 

To document and share this journey, Will took to video and has become a master visual story-teller, focusing on sharing the inside story of full-time travel. Their journey is about experiencing cultures and locations, not as a vacationer, but as a local. This desire to explore the world more authentically and share it with all is at the foundation of their passion businesses, WorldTowning and ultimately WorldTowning Voyages. For Will, there is no better satisfaction than to have introduced a new perspective to others that cannot be found in traditional media.

The life Will and family have crafted for themselves is nothing short of remarkable. They hiked for 44 days  on the Camino de Santiago, visited 52 countries in Europe during their two-and-a-half-year motorhome adventure, and sought shelter from the doldrums of the COVID lockdown with an extended stay in Japan. They are now preparing to circumnavigate the world on a newly acquired sailboat in France.

Through WorldTowning Voyages, Will not only gets to craft the type of adventures and experiences he would have wanted when he was taking traditional vacations, but he gets to create lifelong bonds with every participant who comes along for the journey.