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Jessica Sueiro

Jessica Sueiro

Host, Photographer


“The world is becoming really small, quite fast, we want to equip Avalon and Largo with knowledge about the world that is based on personal experiences, as opposed to the media.” Jessica, Age 49

Traveling full time and experiencing the world with her family in a variety of manners (currently on a sailboat), is in no way what this girl from a small town in Maine would have envisioned for her future life.

A status-quo dropout, Jessica Sueiro is an avid adventurer. She grew up on an apple farm with entrepreneurial-minded parents who served as inspiration to always live life on your terms. With their encouragement, Jessica spent a semester in London during college, which planted that culture seed; unfortunately, it took her another 23 years to bring that full-time travel passion to fruition. In the meantime, this graduate of Syracuse University took her attention to detail and blinding perfectionism to the world of graphic design, where she cultivated a diverse array of clients, and was able to channel her creativity for the benefit of others.

With the intention of creating a version of “normal” for their kids unlike anything that Jessica and her partner, Will, had for themselves, they set off for the unknown in 2014. The goal was to experience cultures and societies up close and free from bias. Together, Jessica and Will formed the WorldTowning philosophy to live the world, one hometown at a time. Jessica and her family have visited over 70 countries, growing deep bonds as a family, embracing and giving back to the cultures they discover along the way, and constantly evolving their definition of “normal”. 

Jessica’s vision for WorldTowning was always to inspire others to travel the world with more intention. The creation of WorldTowning Voyages is the ultimate in experiential travel, which satisfies her love of culture, learning and people.