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Avalon Sueiro

Avalon Sueiro

Host, Translator, Kids Club


“I’m at peace when things are either fast or slow, in between is where I get the itch and wonder what’s next” – Avalon, Age 18

Avalon is the cerebral one of the family and can engage with anyone on practically any topic. She is a dog person and constantly at odds with her traitorous cat-person brother. Avalon has cultivated her two loves, robust discussion and reading, into a business. She holds regular Book Clubs with other kids who actively engage with her on topics from teen rom-coms to fantasy and human rights. Her mind goes far, wide and deep. 

Being a full-time traveler has led her to truly believe the fact that you can be picky and grateful at the same time, particularly about food. “I have had the best pizza in the world…and it’s in New York City. I am grateful for Italy for inventing it, but now that I have had both, I can say with authority who is better.”

Having an arsenal of languages at her beck and call (English, Spanish, French and Japanese), Avalon also engages in language tutoring as a second business while juggling her book clubs and a rigorous academic schedule. She has the drive and determination of…well…a highly determined teen.

On all WorldTowning Voyages, Avalon takes a front and center role. She translates, runs the kids activities, engages in literary discussions and is always game for a good Marvel Cinematic Universe conspiracy theory argument.