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Why Us?

Full-time travelers leading you to local experiences

Travel is about connection

Be a traveler with us, not a tourist!

When we set out to create our first group trip we had a very clear idea of what type of a trip we wanted to host. We wanted it to have heart and soul, education and introspection, adventure and laughter, connection and change, but we also wanted our guests to go away feeling connected with us and locals, as well as the other guests. We can now tell you that this model works and it works well. To this day we still have a Whats App group with our first Morocco group trip attendees. We celebrate each other’s successes and happiness, and offer support for those tougher times in life (insert COVID). In addition, we wanted to create trips that brought you, the traveler, along with us to discover the world by way of how we do it, more locally immersed and less touristy. To get a better idea of how we travel, check out our collection of YouTube vlogs that spans five continents and counting.


Travel is nothing without the deep and profound connection we make with ourselves, local cultures and other tour guests.


Connections are easily made on our trips because we have clearly outlined who should attend our trips, by creating “The Way”, but also by hosting the trips personally and not outsourcing them while we sit in an office somewhere. Our passion for sharing the world with others would not be fed if we hired others to lead our trips and that is what makes WorldTowning Voyages a very unique tour company. To share the world with all of you in a group experience is our jive.

Full-time travelers as your guides

In 2014, we left the USA for full-time travel and we have not looked back since. As a result, our family brings a wealth of experience to WTV tours, which means we are very good at finding local gems beyond the Googleable tourist traps. Each adventure is a growth opportunity, and we will be with you every step of the way. We don't outsource our tours to local guides; we go with you on the trips. However, we do enlist local guides to enhance the experience alongside us. Our experience tells us that we will immediately feel like long-lost friends. We will share with you the best places to explore, eat, drink and play!

Each location is hand-picked by one of our family members as a result of feeling a deep connection to the local people and culture that we know will add value to your life. We don’t just scout our locations; we live and breathe them for a minimum of three months and up to several years. We believe this is the only way to dig deep into the culture and find those diamond-in-the-rough local experiences. Simply put, years of travel experience has culminated in us being able to bring insider knowledge, travel expertise and local experience to each place we visit.

WorldTowning Voyages’ authentic travel experiences allow our travelers to see a city through the lens of the locals. During our years of full-time travel, we have had the opportunity to develop friendships with many small business owners and entrepreneurs whose work directly benefits their local community. We are proud to be able to return to these small businesses and entrepreneurs, and to share them and their craft with all of you. We don’t just host our trips, we build them and we do not sub-contract to larger companies while acting as spokesmodels.

We offer all-inclusive tours. You will not have to pay for extras on our trip, unless they are before or after our trip officially begins. Meals, adventures, transportation and accommodations are all included and you'll also receive a complimentary welcome basket full of local treasures! With us, you don't have to plan a single detail. *Souvenirs, extra snacks/drinks, trip insurance, flights and alcohol are not considered all-inclusive items.

Our community and relationship mindset allow us the opportunity to create deep connections with those who we interact with locally and among ourselves. We focus on working as a group and creating a support system for each other, as we experience all the emotions that can arise when visiting a new land. Keeping the groups small is the best way to accomplish all the aforementioned.

It is just the four of us. This is our passion, and we are completely vested in your experience. We don’t do this to get rich; we do this because we love to share the amazing places to which we adventure with you.