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The “WAY”

The WorldTowning Voyages WAY!

Who should join us?

(And who should not)

The WorldTowning Voyages Way, or “The WAY”, as we like to call it.

We ask that each guest read “The WAY” thoroughly and make sure you are in agreement before you register for a trip.

This is a trip of a lifetime for many, but not for all. If you’ve seen our vlogs, you’ve most likely gotten a very clear understanding of how we engage with the world as WorldTowners. We feel it is important to be honest about what a trip with us entails. We want everyone who attends to have an awesome experience. Because of that, we want to make sure you have as much information as possible up front to make a decision about whether such a trip is right for you.

As with any group trip, travelers have many different types of personalities. People’s level of enjoyment during a trip will be affected by those around them. While not everyone needs to be similar in personality, there are some things we ask of our trip participants. Please thoughtfully consider that this trip might not be for you if you are in conflict with any of the statements below.

WorldTowning is a humanitarian company. As you may likely know, humanitarianism is the promotion of human welfare, and humanitarians practice benevolence and provide assistance to other humans. As humanitarians, we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind, including that which is based on race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, physical or mental ability, or any other basis of discrimination. Our company operates from a place of kindness to all—and we ask that all who join us do the same. This humanitarianism should be extended to the staff who assist us and anyone we encounter along the way during our travels.

We have worked very hard to secure locations, create detailed arrangements and ensure contracts are in place. However, plans do change on trips of this nature, due to weather, unforeseen cultural differences, and other factors beyond our control. As a result, we may have to change a plan at the last minute. It is not ideal, but we are realistic in understanding that it does happen. In the event you have a rare evening without hot water or AC, or have a hard pillow/uncomfortable bed, we will do our best to accommodate you, but there is not always a solution. Sometimes these things happen even in the best of accommodations, due to no fault of ours or the staff. We take these experiences in stride and as an opportunity to stretch ourselves. We require high levels of adaptability for just these cases during our WorldTowning Voyage trips.

Food is one of the highlights of our trips, which means we will ask you to try the new, exotic, and globally renowned foods of the region. On most trips, there will be no access to Starbucks or McDonald's, but we promise to ignite your palate with new tastes.

An adult beverage will be available at most dinners; however, those accustomed to regular alcohol use or desiring an alcoholic drink at every meal should consider this trip carefully. Please see the specifics for your trip(s) of interest, as some locations may have very limited access to alcohol.

While we schedule our trips to take place during the less extreme climate periods for a destination, we do sometimes catch an out-of-character day—one that can be colder or warmer than normal. If you are able to easily adapt to sudden shifts in weather, this trip is for you.

Our trips are very active, require mobility, energy and are NOT always accessible for all people, as much as we wish they were. If you struggle with physical activity, have accessibility needs or need special care, then our trips are not for you. We cannot guarantee access to alternative modes of transportation (cabs, buses, etc.), which means you will need to walk, even if you are struggling. As a general rule, you should exercise regularly, be able to walk up to 5 miles per day on cobblestone, climb 4 flights of steep stairs (without railings and elevators), walk moderate inclines and be able to drag or carry your belongings on wobbly streets for several blocks. WTV cannot stress enough how important it is to realistically address your ability. Please check the level of physical fitness required for each trip. This can vary depending on the destination.

If this is your first time outside your birth country, you will experience a culture different from the one you know. Although it might be foreign to you, this other culture does not represent a wrong way of life, or something abnormal. Some people crave familiarity—in food, culture, religion, communication, etc. This trip is not designed for those looking for what is familiar. This trip is for people who are able and willing to get outside of their comfort zones when it comes to day-to-day life.

As much as Will and I love to cut a rug, exploring the nightlife in not typically part of our trips. Although spontaneous dance moments have been known to appear sparking a much-enjoyed experience. Ordinarily, when we are up late, it will be the result of a dinner or tour. If you are seeking deep exploration into the night life our trips may not be for you.

Sustainable travel means finding a way that tourism can be maintained long-term without harming natural and cultural environments. Sustainable travel should minimize any negative impacts of tourism and, ideally, maximize those things that will be beneficial to the area visited. We enlist your help in honoring this philosophy, as well as making suggestions on how we can better support sustainable travel during our group trips.

Be a traveler, not a tourist. WorldTowning has always attracted a certain type of traveler – the independent, adventurous type who wants to experience travel with people who are equally adventurous and take that road less traveled. WorldTowning Voyages guests are a dynamic mix of trailblazers, who are eager to connect with fellow trip members and locals in a more intentional and intimate way.

Most days, we will start with breakfast at 7:30/8:00 a.m.; however, there will be a day or two where we will need to rise earlier. If you do not like an occasional early morning wake-up, this is not the trip for you.

We have created tours that we believe highlight the best parts of the region. As a result, this may mean some driving time, which we will break up with restroom breaks and, of course, a coffee, tea or water. You can rest, chat, read, write, share photos and play games (including WorldTowning Vlog trivia), while the driver delivers us safely to our destination. If you have difficulty sitting for two hours at a time without a break, this is not the trip for you.

We are here to make this the most amazing group trip you have ever taken - just ask our previous group and check out the reviews. Our goal is to fill your soul to the brim with magic in a group environment with like-hearted individuals. It is not good for group morale to have someone who expects us or other trip members to tend solely to their needs. We cannot leave the group to care for an individual, unless he/she is sick. If you are continually late, constantly complaining that it's not like home, treating the staff we encounter poorly (this includes Will, Jessica, Avalon and Largo), we reserve the right to send you home. This may sound harsh, but a group trip is just that, a group, and our philosophy is to work together as a team, not to exhibit behavior or attitudes that are self-oriented or inconsiderate of others' time, and to be accountable for ourselves and those we bring with us. *We reserve the right to refuse registration to anyone we feel does not represent the WorldTowning philosophy of travel listed on this page.

The ability to refrain from gossiping about guests to us or other guests. The ability to have a good attitude even when the travel days are long, you are tired or things don't go as planned.