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Our History

WorldTowning since 2014!

It all began in Costa Rica

with a dream to learn about the world, connect deeper as a family and live on less

In 2014, we left the United States for a one-year adventure in a foreign country. That was seven years ago, and we are still out here living our true north. Since our beginning days in Costa Rica, we have lived on almost every continent and visited all the countries in Europe while living in an RV for three years. Now, we are embarking on our grandest journey yet—life on a sailboat with the goal of circumnavigating. For the longer story, you can visit us here.

Several years into our full time WorldTowning travel lifestyle we felt less connected to our professions and wanted to do work we were more passionate about. In 2017, we launched WorldTowning, the coaching side of our business, in an effort to help future WorldTowners work through the logistics surrounding full-time travel.

Almost immediately, this community asked us to create a group trip. We pondered it for some time, and then we said, “Ok, let’s do this!”

In 2019, we created and sold out our first WorldTowning Voyages trip to Morocco. After 12 amazing days with a group of individuals who mostly only knew us through social media (and whom we did not know at all), we were sold on the idea that tours would be the next step in our WorldTowning business adventure. We found our travel passion through sharing local experiences with a group of like-hearted, adventurous and curious souls. Our family felt alive, and we loved contributing greatly to getting more people out to experience this amazing world and its people.

We came off our pilot trip knowing we wanted to do this again and again, all over the world. Our plan was to slowly grow the business by adding a handful of trips to the itinerary every year. In 2020, we launched another trip to Morocco and added France, as well. And then, COVID-19 hit the world, and we paused travel to save lives. During our pause, we spent time learning to sail and becoming a liveaboard family in France, while simultaneously building new trips and this website exclusively for our WorldTowning Voyages adventures. Registration for future trips is now open. Who wants to join us?