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Travel with confidence with WorldTowning Voyages

Safety is our priority

Yours and those we encounter during our travels

When you travel with WorldTowning Voyages, you can be assured that we are aware of the latest COVID-19 policies, health recommendations and CDC updates. In addition, we stay current with any changes that may impact your travel plans with regard to border entry policies, health certificate requirements, vaccines and airport testing.

 WTV will not quarantine anyone who has Covid. WTV will however require the guest to be masked at all times when others are around them. 

The guest will need to respectfully manage their symptoms. If not, WTV reserves the right to remove them from the group with all expenses accrued paid by the guest. Of course, if symptoms are severe WTV will bring the guest to the nearest hospital. 

These safety measures will not take away from you having a fabulous time, but will instead provide you with peace of mind, in the knowledge you are traveling with a conscious, conscientious and considerate company.