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Corporate Retreats

To reward high-sales achievements, offer as a perk to dedicated teams, for annual retreats and more

Reward those employees who are shining!

Build company morale, increase teamwork and encourage global thinking by taking a custom trip with us

Now more than ever, in light of many remote working situations, corporations are looking for new ways to increase morale and team build within their remote work force. At WorldTowning Voyages, we provide trips that companies can offer to their employees for multiple reasons: dynamizing annual retreats, growing employees’ global mindsets, rewarding high-sales achievements, offering a perk to dedicated teams and much more. Increasingly, companies are valuing a global mindset for their employees, because, in the end, it benefits the company and increases the happiness level of the employee.

If you would like to talk with us about our corporate trips, drop us an email.

For a family reunion, destination wedding, class reunion or any other monumental celebration.

Are your clients looking for a trip that is not your typical group trip? A trip that is small-group, all-inclusive and immersive that will take them to far-off lands to experience life like locals?

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