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Core Values

WorldTowning Voyages is more than just a travel company

Mission Statement

Living and changing the world, one hometown at a time

WorldTowning is a slow travel-adventure company committed to helping those seeking a broader global experience to embrace a lifestyle of respect, learning, growth and giving through concentrated exposure to and immersion in the world’s many diverse and varied cultures. We do this by equipping travelers with necessary education, tools and consultation, so they can take the next steps in their long-term travel journeys. We are more than a travel company, however. At WorldTowning, we are in the business of building bridges between cultures, fueling personal development, expanding hearts and minds, and living dreams. Our WorldTowning Voyages program is an extension of our core WorldTowning offerings, wherein small groups of travelers embark on shared experiences and adventures to live the world as locals on the globe’s roads less traveled.

We help you connect, change and cultivate

All are welcome! Diversity, equality and inclusion make our trips like no other.

In 2017, WorldTowning was built out of a selfish dream to get more people out traveling for longer than a two-week vacation. The obstacle for many has been the logistics surrounding full-time travel and we filled that gap. Our solution was to offer our coaching services and guide future full-time travelers through the monotonous research process related to education, visas, medical, tech and so much more. WorldTowning Voyages was born out of the realization that some of you did not necessarily want to travel long term, but wanted short-term cultural experiences that were similar to our full-time experiences. In short, many of you wanted to travel the way we do it—the WorldTowning WAY—as part of your vacation.

Since the inception of WorldTowning, we as a family, a brand and our own “movement”, have been committed to three pillars. These are our foundations as we traverse the world with two teens in tow. They have served us well and remain the pillars of all our business activities.

WorldTowning connects people and cultures. It has always been our goal to bring people together by building bridges rather than separating ourselves by raising walls. Connection can be as simple as connecting deeper to your authentic self in a foreign land or as complex as connecting to a local without ever being able to communicate in a common language. When you adventure with us, you will be a traveler, not a tourist. This means that you will feel a deep connection to the local culture by way of immersive experiences. We will dance, eat, create, sing and learn with and from locals within their communities.

WorldTowning provides the space in a foreign land for you to find the parts of yourself that you may feel you’ve lost, want to discover or seek to change. Our goal is to create the framework through immersive travel experiences for your mind to be opened beyond what you thought was possible, giving you space to innovate and explore. WorldTowning Voyages group trips are transformative. You will leave us with a refreshed view on the world, its people, yourself and how you want to live your life going forward.

WorldTowning Voyages provides a comprehensive experience that immerses you deep in the layers of a country's culture. We have found that this is best achieved by learning from the the hearts and hands of people often unseen and unheard in today's world. Our immersive tours leave you with new knowledge, a newly found talent or newly uncovered skill, deeper connections, compassion, and a heightened global mindset to take back home and share with others. If learning and growing is your thing, you'll have numerous opportunities here to learn more, dig deep, get outside your comfort zone and return home a changed person.